A ~Clerk(店員) of restaurant

B ~costume B

C ~costume C

D ~Doctor

B&C are good friends, they eat lunch together at a restaurant.

A: May I take your order?

B: Yes. I'd like the hamburger, a piece of pizza and french fries please.

A: Ok would you like some drink?

B: Coke please.

A: Sure. And how about your?

C: I have to think more ... What kind of food is healthy one in your menu?

A: Well... I recommend(推薦) our sandwich its doesn't  use any oil and has a lot of vegetable, or you can try sushi ,the calories is a little higher but nutrition(營養) than sandwich, both of these are good choose for lunch.

C: Ok, please give me the sandwich.

A: Sure. Do you need anything drink?

C: Yes, please give me black tea.

A: Hot or ice?

C: Hot please.

A: Ok. And anything else? How about some chocolate? It's good for dessert(甜點)

C: No, thanks. Do you want some?

B: No, Neither am I.

A: Ok, then... I'm sorry about I forgot asked you which size of drink do you want.

C: What kind of size do you have?

A: We have venti, grande or tall.

C: Please give me tall. B how about you?

B: I want venti size.

A: Ok, here you are. Have a nice lunch.

C: Don't you think your order is too rich for lunch?

B: No, I think it's very delicious.

C: Really. Well that's fine.

B: How about you. Are you diet now? I think your order is healthy but nutrition not enough.

C: No, I'm not diet now. I always eat this menu for lunch.

B: Really... Ok that's fine.

In the afternoon

B: C I feel a very bad stomachache.

C: Maybe were you ate too greasy at lunch, but also am I feel a headache.

B: I think both of us have to go hospital.

C: Agreed.

In hospital.

D: Hi! What can I help you today.

B: I have a very bad stomachache after I ate the lunch.

D: Ok, let me check. What did you eat at lunch?

B: A hamburger, a piece of pizza, some  french fries and a venti size coke.

D: Ok, I know the problem. You just eat too greasy and rich and your stomach can not accept(接受) that food. You need to eat more vegetables.

B: But I was ate a lot of french fries.

D: French fries is not vegetables. The vegetables which you need is greens(綠色蔬菜). Then how about you C?

C: I feel a headache.

D: What did you eat at lunch?

C: I just ate sandwich.

D: Ok, I see. Your problem is malnutrition. Maybe you two can mix your choose for lunch from next time. Ok, C I will call pharmacist give you a can of nutritional supplements(營養劑), you have to take it on specified time everyday for a month. And B you just have to eat more bland, and get a lot of rest for your stomachs. It's important and only this one way cat take you to health.

C,B: Ok, I see.

D: Good. Still have anything problem?

C,B: No, thank you.

D: Hope you two can get well soon.

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